VISIT Systems

VISIT Systems

VISIT Security guest and time registration systems

Choose here which system might be relevant for you. VISIT Security provides several different systems.

Guest registration systemsTime registration systemsGeneral Registration systemsClub registration systems.

Each individual system can do something different, so regardless of which solution you are looking for, VISIT Security can do the job for you. And several systems can be combined into one system. And if you have any extra wishes, there is almost no limit, because we can put anything into the systems.

Regardless of which solution is desired, VISIT Security always delivers a complete package, incl. products, support, service, and ongoing updates. So there are never any unforeseen expenses.

Languages on VISIT Security Guest and Time Registration systems:

Danish. English.  German.  Swedish.  Dutch.  Greenlandic. Polish. Romanian. Spanish. Norwehian. Faroese. 

If you need additional or other languages, this can easily be added. 

Guest system

Guest arrives and checks in. The employee is automatically notified immediately when the guest has arrived via e-mail and/or SMS. With the option of printing ID labels, as well as many other options.

Time Registration System

Registers your working hours. Your arrival and departure times and much more for employees, students, etc. Check in via iPad, or your mobile phone, or a web browser. See statistics, timetable, sick days, vacation days, holidays, breaks, and much more.

Club Registration System

Register your guests easily and simply. Scan e.g. health insurance card or QR code upon entry. See information on guests, quarantines, log files, times, statistics, history or comments about all your visitors, and much more.

VISIT Security Mobile App

The VISIT Security mobile App registration system can be used on all mobile phones as a simple option, so that people or employees can register arrival and departure, or start and end times directly from their own mobile phone. View histories and much more via your mobile phone.