Delivery and Subscription Terms

Terms of delivery and subscription

1. General provisions

1.1 The terms of delivery and subscription terms Apply to the agreement between the customer and VISIT Security.

1.2 Any other costs, charges, fees, ongoing services or similar åtgärder or products used in connection with the VISIT system att are not provided by or by VISIT Security are not covered by this Agreement and are not subject two VISIT Security.

1.3 Limitation of Liability:

VISIT Security is not Webmaster alanyl damage or loss Namely Or would havebeen covered under a Customary property insurance policy for the attention customer kill or could have valgte take out in an insurance company for the attention takes out insurance in Denmark, including but not limited two insurance against theft, four, water and storm damage.

01.04 VISIT Security is not ansvarlig for faults and deficiencies in the transmission network, between the VISIT system and the customer’s wireless network. It is the customer’s responsibility att wireless Internet is fully accessible two VISIT products.

1.5 Security VISIT is not webmaster alanyl operational loss, loss of time, loss of profit or other Indirect loss.


2. Approval and entry into force

2.1 The Agreement is approved and betragtet indtastet into force at the time of acceptance by: botheration parties and order is ordered and approved.

2.2 The subscription comes into effect after the trial / demo version license is changed or created as a fully functional licensing system.


3. The installed plants

3.1 Any repairs up coming two real estate and its constituents upon termination of the subscription, necessitated by the disassembly of the system or fittings that can not Claimed against VISIT Security.

3.2 The Customer takes the two not the the the allow anyone but VISIT Security, or the person designated by it, two performers service, repair, Alterations or updates of VISIT Systems.

3.3 Removal and modification of installation and system, including extension, carried out by agreement and at the customer’s expense.

3.8 The Customer garantier att customer’s eksisterende 230V installation is legal and har nødvendige capacity for the installation of the system, iPad, or printer or other equipment supplied two VISIT system.

4. Payment Conditions

4.1 Establishment fees are invoiced direkt in connection with the plant’s establishment, of products. For larger installation where VISIT Security svarar for installation, VISIT Security ice right two charge account fees svarende two Værket Listed.

The Remuneration 4.2 Determined on the ice conditioning work can take the place of operation on normal working hours and without special alanyl nuisance.

4.3 The subscription fee is paid up to 12 months at a time at the start of the license.

4.4 Security VISIT ice right to charge an invoice fee.

4.5 In the event of non-payment or delay of payment due, VISIT Security reserves the right to charge fees, calculate interest rates of 2% per month. md. and city calculate debt recovery costs twice, cf. Executive Order no. 601 of 12 July 2002.

4.6 If payment is not made in a timely Manner, VISIT Security Shall Be right, direkt in writing, two cancel the agreement direkt and two terminate the applicable licenser and possibly two take down the facility at the customer’s expense, if required.

4.7 If, as a result of a law or collective agreement, an Oka in VISIT Security’s labor costs Occurs, or if there are other costs skapar, the subscription fee is adjusted by the percentage by som VISIT Security’s total udgifter have changed.

4.8 It is emphasized at de subscriber / delivery address ascertains on the subscription agreement is Liable for the performance of the contract. VISIT Security Will there be direkte charge the subscription from the subscriber / delivery points in case of non-payment from the Specified person ascertains the “Invoice Address”.

5. The agreement and the term of the subscription

5.1 The agreement is konkluderede and ice Irrevocable for 12 months, with continuous subscription periods of one year duration, cf. Section 2.2.

5.2 The notice of termination is for botheration parties three months before the main subscription expires.

5.3 If no skrives cancellation Occurs, the subscription is betragtet fortsætte for a period of one year and so on.

5.4 In the event of business termination, suspension of payments, bankruptcy or death, the subscription can be terminated at Any time with 3 months notice Until The current period expires.

6. Transfer of Subscription

6.1 When a new owner / user takes the secured premises and would join the subscription, this must be approved by VISIT Security. The previous customer is only released När new subscription contract is in effect and fixed in the VISIT Security system.

7. The transmission of cloud

7.1 The system transmits smits smits smits two VISIT Security’s central server, der traded the signal processing.

7.2 In the event of alanyl change in service or transmission mode of system location or yderligere åtgärder or changes dette kan change the signal two VISIT system, it is the responsibility of the customer two Examine om Such service / change will påvirker the signal transmission two VISIT system so it can not communicate with the central server.

8. Service

8.1 The subscription includes continuous service and system upgrades, som donated automatisk through the app. The service is regel built direkt from VISIT Security’s system and Otherwise by remote connection if nødvendige. The subscription does not cover alanyl IT equipment supplied, Printer, Printer labels and consumables.

8.2 Wages, service and support materials are included.

8.3 The customer Should Inform VISIT Security if the system is in disarray and bør tested in between.

8.4 Repairs due two overload oak. vandalism, burglary, burglary, fire, thunder, lightning, power supply failure, etc. performed at the expense of the customer.

8.5 Ordered service visits att are not justified by technical deficiencies in the delivery, or include out-of-subscription repair, or where the technician can not performing the commissioned work due two conditions for som VISIT Security is not responsible, the carried out on the account.