Delivery and Subscription Terms

Terms of delivery and subscription

Regarding our products to customers and their customers’ information.

What data is stored on a remote hosted server, regarding our systems:

(All our guest or registration systems run ONLY via the external server, due to security)

When using the App, logs: When you use our guest system, logs, IP address, License number, as well as the information you choose to have in the backend of your system, and to whom notifications are sent.

Data from guest system: Only stored if you as a customer have it in your own backend in your system. They will not be deleted automatically unless otherwise agreed. However, if the customer deletes the information and data on people in your backend, they will also be automatically deleted from our external server. Regarding GPDR rules, it is possible to set up rules in the system for how long you will store your guests’ information and you can have the system automatically delete this data, after a certain number of days. Either logs, or person data, or both.

Who has access to this data: As long as you have your data lying in the backend, on your guests, VISIT Security, as well as the provider of the hosted server, and yourself as a customer, via your backend, with username and code, have access to this data. If you, as a customer, delete something or edit your data in your system / backend, then this information will automatically also be edited or deleted at the same time on the external hosted server. So as a customer, you completely control what personal data and information must be available in your own backend / server system, we do not interfere in this, so GPDR rules are complied with.

What does VISIT Security data use for: Only system improvement and support from VISIT Security. All information stored on the external hosted server is managed through your own backend. The information that is there, as well as the contact information we have on you as a customer, they will not be passed on to 3 parties or others, at all.

Data storage


We have taken technical and organizational measures against your information being accidentally or illegally deleted, published, lost, degraded, or come to the knowledge of unauthorized persons, misused, or otherwise processed in violation of the law.

In the event of a data breach, all our registered users will be contacted with information about what data has been lost, as well as instructions on what to do about it. Our priority in such a situation is to close the security hole to create the least possible data loss for the users.

Data protection

We value your data, just as we do with our own, so we protect our (and your) data with the following initiatives, which we always keep up to date: SSL Encryption, Firewall, Staff training, Password strength authentication etc.

Delivery and subscription conditions


  1. General provisions

1.1 These terms of delivery and subscription apply to the agreement between the customer and VISIT Security.

1.2 Any other costs, fees, charges, ongoing services or similar measures or products used in connection with the VISIT system, and which are not provided by or by VISIT Security are not covered by this agreement and VISIT Security is irrelevant.

1.3 Limitation of liability:

VISIT Security is not responsible for damages or losses that are or would have been covered under a usual property insurance that the customer has or could have chosen to take out with an insurance company that takes out insurance in Denmark, including but not limited to insurance against theft, fire, water, and storm damage.

1.4 VISIT Security is not responsible for errors and omissions in the transmission network, between the VISIT system and the customer’s wireless network. It is the customer’s own responsibility that the wireless internet is fully available for the VISIT products.

1.5 VISIT Security is not responsible for operating losses, loss of time, loss of profit or other indirect loss.

  1. Approval and entry into force:

2.1 The agreement is considered approved and entered into force at the time when acceptance from both parties is given and the order is ordered and approved.

2.2 The subscription takes effect after the trial / demo version license is changed or created as a fully functional license system.

  1. The installed system:

3.1 Any repairs to real estate and its components upon termination of the subscription required by the disassembly of the system, or fittings, cannot be claimed against VISIT Security.

3.2 The Customer undertakes not to allow anyone other than VISIT Security, or the person instructed to do so, to perform service, repairs, alterations, or updates of VISIT Systems.

3.3 Relocation and modification of the installation and system, including expansion, is carried out by agreement and at the customer’s expense.

3.4 The customer warrants that the customer’s existing 230-volt installation is legal and has the necessary capacity for the installation of the system, such as iPad, or Printer or other equipment supplied to VISIT System.


  1. Payment terms:

4.1 Establishment fees are invoiced in direct connection with the establishment of the facility, by products. For larger installations where VISIT Security is responsible for installation, VISIT Security is entitled to charge an on-account fee corresponding to the work performed.


4.2 The remuneration is determined on the condition that the work can take place within normal working hours and without special inconvenience.

4.3 The subscription fee is paid in advance for 12 months at a time at the beginning of the license creation. 4.4 VISIT Security is entitled to charge an invoicing fee.

4.5 In the event of absence or delay in payment due, VISIT Security reserves the right to charge fees, charge default interest of 2% per. month. as well as by debt collection to calculate twice out-of-court recovery costs, cf. bkg no. 601 of 12 July 2002.

4.6 If payment is not made on time, VISIT Security is entitled, upon unsuccessful written demands, to immediately terminate the agreement and shut down valid licenses and possibly take down the facility at the customer’s expense, if required.

4.7 If, because of a law or collective agreement, VISIT Security’s salary costs increase, or there are otherwise cost increases, the subscription fee is adjusted by the percentage by which VISIT Security’s total expenses have been changed.

4.8 It is emphasized that the subscriber / delivery address stated on the subscription agreement is responsible for the fulfillment of the contract. VISIT Security will thus, in the event of non-payment from the specified person stated under “invoice address”, collect the subscription directly from the subscriber / delivery point.


  1. The agreement and the term of the subscription:

5.1 The agreement is entered into and is non-cancellable for 12 months, with ongoing subscription periods of 1 year duration, cf. § 2.2.

5.2 The notice of termination is for both parties 3 months before the main due date of the subscription.

5.3 If no written termination occurs, the subscription is considered continued for a period of 1 year and so on.

5.4 In the event of business termination, suspension of payments, bankruptcy or death, the subscription can be terminated at any time with 3 months’ notice until the current period expires.

  1. Transfer of subscription:

6.1 When a new owner / user takes over the secured system or systems and wishes to enter the subscription, this must be approved by VISIT Security. The previous customer will not be released until the new subscription contract / agreement has been entered into and corrected in VISIT Security’s own CMS system.

  1. Transmission to the cloud:

7.1 The system transmits to VISIT Security’s central server, which is hosted by a dedicated host company, which is located within or in the EU, which is responsible for the signal processing and the general GPDR rules, etc.

7.2 In the event of any changes in, services or the form of transmission at the location of the system or further measures or changes that may change that signal to the VISIT system, it is the customer’s responsibility to investigate whether such a service / change affects the signal transmission to the VISIT system. so, it cannot communicate with central server.

7.3 The signal to the central server is encrypted with TLS1.2


  1. Service:

8.1 The subscription includes service on the installed system, including maintenance inspection and repair of the system because of normal use. As well as normally ongoing system upgrades, which are done automatically through the app. The service is usually performed directly from VISIT Security’s system, and otherwise by remote connection if necessary. The subscription does not cover any delivered IT equipment, security frames and fittings, printer, printer labels and consumables.

8.2 Wages, materials in connection with ongoing service and support are included in the year subscription.

8.3 The customer should inform VISIT Security if the system is in disarray and should be tested in between.

8.4 Repairs due to overload e.g. vandalism, burglary, attempted burglary, fire, thunder, lightning, fault voltage on supply networks, etc. performed at the customer’s own expense.

8.5 Ordered service visits that are not due to technical defects in the delivered goods, or include repairs outside the subscription, or where the technician is unable to carry out the ordered work due to circumstances for which VISIT Security is not responsible, are carried out on account. 

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