VISIT Moduler og Software

VISIT Systems Module

VISIT Security systems can be adapted to every need and wish.

Our systems can be adapted to any solution and your needs. If you have any special wishes, there is almost no limit to what we can program into the system, so you also get your full benefits and wishes fulfilled with one of our registration systems.

Guest registration systems

The guest registration systems can be adapted to each solution. Regardless of whether you need a simple guest system, for registering guests, where you are notified via e-mail and or SMS when a guest has arrived at the location, or you need a more advanced system where you can ask guests questions, show GPDR rules, must have approval from guest and much more. If you want to be able to print out ID labels for guests, this is also possible, or other prints. The systems and texts can be adapted to any solution, so that it suits your wishes and needs.

Registration and Time Registration systems

Legal requirement for time registration for all employees applicable from 1 July 2024

Time registration or the registration systems are used to register employee, student, person, arrival and departure times. The systems can be set up so that they can be used anywhere and in different ways. You can check in via an iPad at the entrance. Or you can check in via your own mobile phone, via the VISIT mobile App, or you can check in via a Web browser. If you use an iPad or a Beacon, which is used for the mobile app at the entrance, you also have the option of setting a safety distance on the system, so that people only have the option of being able to check in and out when they are within the safety distance by one of these single hands. If you do not use safety distance, you also have the option of setting up the system so that a person can register their arrival and departure via either their mobile phone or a web browser, regardless of where in the world they are. Since many employees also work from home or are out on the road and do not come to the company’s location. All VISIT registration systems can be adapted to each solution and need. Regardless of whether it is for a small company with very few employees or a larger company with many employees.

Club registration systems

VISIT Club registration system, used for registration of guests, for e.g. nightclubs, bars, or other locations where you want extra security. Since you have the option of being able to scan the guest’s health insurance card, QR codes, and much more. On a club system, you also have the option of checking whether the guests have quarantine, are they old enough to be admitted, and many other information.