System and Software News

Upload of company logo, or separate logo per. license / iPad.

Available under menu / tab: Upload Logo.

If you have several licenses, it is now possible to upload a company logo, either for all licenses, as a company logo, or upload different company logos for each individual license / iPad you have.

Max checkin pr. guest, for a certain period.

Available under menu / tab: License information / Edit settings.

It is now possible to set a certain number of times in a certain period, the guest may check into system, in a certain number of days in a period. Example: If “20” is set in field: “Visitor checkins in selected period” and 365, in field: “Visitor checkin period (days)”, then the guests will only be able to check in a maximum of 20 times within the last 365 days, since the guest was last registered in system. So it’s running number of days.

It is now possible to make “auto log out”, in the VISIT Guest and Registration system, on those who are checked in but forget to check out.

PLEASE NOTE, it is only possible to set 1 time per. day.

So, for example if you have shift workers on different time duing the day, in both day / evening and night shift, please note it’s only possible to set 1 time per day. (If you want to be able to use the function for several times for evening and night time as well, please contact us).

Log into the backend. And on the “License information” tab, click on “Edit Settings” field under “Company info”.
Inside, has a line called “Auto checkout visitors”.
NOTE, it is UTC time, and NOT local time, to enable this feature. Example is written at. It will check everyone who is not checked out of the system automatically at. 11.00 PM UTC time (Local Danish summer time: 01.00AM) (Local Danish winter time: 00.00 AM).

SMS Alert. 

If you use the SMS module, you now have the opportunity to send an SMS message to all guests that are checked in, and at the same time to all employees if desired.

In the backend, at the top, push the red SMS Alert button.
Then you will be able to define whether only a guest or both guests and staff should be notified when sending an SMS Alert.

Here you can also enter and save this message you want at the same time by pressing the green button to safe the message.

So if this function is used, you do not have to think about entering a message, you simply press the red button: “Send message”.

It is now possible to set up the system automatically to delete, either log files on a guest, or the guest itself from the system, or both separately. Note, if you delete the guest “Visitor Rentension”, everything will be deleted on this guest / Visitors.

Go into the Backend, and on the “License information” tab, on the right side, under Company info, which has a link: “Edit settings”. Click on this link.

Then you can see in the middle, these 2 text: “Visitor retention” and “Visit log retention”. If the box to the right is empty or it says “0” then nothing will be deleted. But if you put in example, 730, next to Visitor retention, then after 730 days (Same as 2 years), then this guest’s information will be deleted from system if there has been no activity for 730 days.

The same goes for the “Visitor log retention” field, if for example, you put in 365 in this field, then log files on this guest will be deleted after 365 days (Same as 1 year).

Constantly look at the overall overview of how many people are checked into the various systems and buildings at the back, and quickly print a list of the people checked in, easily and quickly.
It is now possible, also to see a comprehensive overview of how many people have checked into the building in the system or systems one has today. This is shown at the top, on every page in the back end. It is also possible to print out a guest list by pressing “Visitor List” at the top, which can be used as an “Emergency” button, if you need to quickly have a list of those checked in.

If a guest creates or is created in the backend, with company name also, it will now also be possible for the guest to find themselves in the system via his company name as well. And if there are more from the same company, you will get a list showing the people who are from the same company, and there they can choose them self and check in.

Check multiple people in or out at once, or sort the order in the list, by pressing “Checkout”, or “Company”, “Initials”, “Name”.
1. It is now also possible to check several people in and out at once, at the back end. Find the people you want to check in / out, and next to each person, select the system on the right.
When all persons and system are selected, press the button at the top. Either “Check in selected visitors” or “Check out selected visitors”. All that were marked are now either checked in or out at once. (If you want to check this right away, refresh the page by tapping the tab in the top “Visitors”).
2. You will also be able to change the sequence by running the mouse over “Checkout Text” and pressing text. Then, the changing order will follow from new to old at the top of the list, on those that are or are not checked out. This also works on: “Company”, “Initials”, “Name”.

If you use the VISIT Registration system, it is now possible with code to see how many and who is checked in directly on the iPad.
In the backend, in the Registration System, under License information, you can press Edit Settings, and you can activate by checking the box: “Enable checkin list in iPad”, and then enter a code, in the field: “Pincode for checkin list on iPad ”. And then update, both in the backend, and the app, by closing it down and up again. Then you want a small box in the bottom left corner that you can press, and then you have to enter the PIN code to enter the system.

It is now possible to delete a visitor easily and simply inside the back end, under Visitors.
Go to the back end and go under “Visitors”. In the visitors list you can now either check the box for the individual person or for several people at once, and then click on “Delete selected visitors” in the upper right corner. You also have the option to mark all the visitors in the entire list, once and for all, by placing 1 check mark at the top.
But note that when you delete a person’s history and logs, the person has to re-enter the system when they visit, as the person is no longer in the system because of all history and person data has been deleted.

You always have the opportunity to see an updated page that tells exactly how many people have checked in to the building now, and which has not been checked out yet. Or in the other buildings / Entrances depending on how many licenses / systems you have.
In Visit Backend, on the specific “License information” page, you have the opportunity to view your license information on the left side. And you will always be able to see how many people under each license “Currently checked in” are checked today or who are in the building now. If you have multiple licenses, it will show per. license / system, how many checked in to this license / system. You can easily have several systems / licenses in different buildings eg.
And if you have several licenses / systems at other entrances / buildings, you will also have an overall overview of how many have been checked in for all licenses checked in, but not checked out yet. See below: Company info, “Currently checked in (total)”, it will show everyone who is still checked in, for all licenses / systems, collectively.


It is now also possible to be notified by E-mail and SMS when your guest or employee checks out and leaves the company, just as it has always been possible to be notified when they checking in.

New update, which means that when a guest or employee checks out of the VISIT Guest system and leaves the site, it is now also possible to be notified of this, via E-mail, or SMS.

Just like when the guest or employee checks in, you are notified that the visitor has arrived, but now you can choose whether you also want this feature when they check out again.

If you would like to use this feature, then contact us and we will activate it in your system for free.