Guest system

Visit Guest system, keeps track of guest and automatically notifies when guest has arrived via E-mail and or SMS

VISIT Guest System keeps track of guests and automatically notifies when the guest has arrived via e-mail and/or SMS.

VISIT Guest system is a super easy and very user-friendly electronic guest system for iPads, which can be used for the company’s guests and other visitors.

When company guests arrive, they check in on the iPad and an email or SMS, or both, can be sent to the visitor’s contact to inform them that the guest has arrived, for example, and is standing at the reception.

There is also the option of being able to print ID labels for guests, both when the guest checks in or in advance, so that everything is clear when the guest arrives at the location.

When the company’s guests leave the company, they check out on the iPad – easy and simple. Here you will also be able to receive a message that they have checked out and left the building, either via e-mail or SMS.

There is also the option for the system to check guests out automatically at a given time.

In addition, you can also manually create and check-in and check-out the guests via the VISIT backend, which is where the administrator can control everything from, via a web browser.

VISIT Guest system has what we call a “backend”, which can be accessed via any web browser. This is also where the company can print or export visitor history, check who is in the building, see the number of people checked in for each system or overall, view logs, times and much more. In addition, the VISIT Guest registration system can be adapted to any company’s needs and wishes with different layouts, texts, print, setup and much more. If you want to try the system, find more information about our demo.

VISIT Guest system can be used in many types of businesses / buildings

VISIT Guest system can be located in many places in the company

Possibility of extra expansion and adaptation of VISIT Guest system

Benefits of VISIT Guest System