VISIT Registration System

VISIT Registration System

VISIT Registration system registers arrival and departure times and allows you to see how many people are in the building and much more

VISIT Registration system is a super easy and very user-friendly electronic time registration system that can be used to register arrival and departure times. It can be used to register employees, students and other visitors and more. As well as supporting several different languages. People check themselves in and out of the system quite simply and easily, either via an iPad or via our mobile app.

People have the option of registering their arrival and departure time either via an iPad, at the entrance. Or you can also use our mobile App, for your own mobile phone and thereby either register when you are within a safe distance of either the iPad or our small Beacon, which can be mounted instead of an iPad. Beacons can be mounted both indoors and outdoors, and then you can check in and out via your mobile phone via our mobile App that supports both IOS and Android phones.

Many companies also have external employees who e.g. work from home or do not come into the company, but here you also have the option to register your working time, start and end time of the day, via our mobile app.

The Visit Registration System is controlled via what we call the backend, and with your unique password and login, the administrator can access this backend via any browser.

In the backend, the administrator can print log lists, check how many people are still at the location, view log files, arrival and departure times, statistics on how many hours people have been at work and much more. Furthermore, the Visit Registration System can be adapted to any need. It can be set up to suit your specific requirements and wishes.

There is also the possibility of manual check-in and check-out of people via the backend, if this is needed.

VISIT Registration System can be used for several different types of person registration.

VISIT Registration System can be located in many different places

Possibility of extra expansion and adaptation of VISIT Guest system

Benefits of VISIT Registration System