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      App for IOS and Android mobile phones.


With the VISIT Security Mobile App, you easily and simply register your working hours or your arrival start and end time via our mobile App.

The new rules on registration of working hours will come into force from 1 July 2024, and will be welcomed throughout the EU.

Therefore, it is also possible for an employee or person to register their arrival or start time, as well as departure or end time directly from their own mobile phone, regardless of whether a person regularly arrives at the location, or e.g. work from home.

As an additional security, you also have the option of setting it up so that the person must be within a certain safety radius of e.g. 5 meters of the VISIT registration system at the location, either via iPad registration system or Beacon system, before the App automatically becomes active for the user.

Our small Beacon units can be used instead of the iPad system, and this Beacon unit can be mounted both indoors and outdoors at entrances and exits.

It is of course also still possible to register your arrival and departure via the iPad registration system if you have forgotten your mobile phone.

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VISIT Security App, Android Play Store

If you need to set up a safety distance in the system, so that the App only becomes active when you are within a safety distance of the VISIT registration system, this is also possible. So the person or employee only has the opportunity to check in and out when they are within a certain radius of the system.

Appears when you are within the allocated security distance of the VISIT Security Registration system, where the App system is activated, and now has the option to be able to check in and out, via the mobile phone.

Appears when you are near a VISIT Security Registration system, where the App system is activated on, but the phone is outside the security distance, and therefore not possible to check in or out yet.

Appears on the App when the phone is not near a VISIT Security Registration system where the App system is activated on.

Mobile App Menu. Here you will always be able to see a history / statistics of your arrival and departure times, number of hours and much more. And you will also be able to set up a reminder for yourself, in the App, about the times you have to check in and out, for each day.

History / Log times you have checked in and out on the different days.

Set up reminders in the Mobile App, and get notified on the phone, on the selected days and times.

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