VISIT Club System

VISIT Club Registration system

Easily and simply register your guests in the VISIT club system.

VISIT club registration system is a super easy and user-friendly electronic system that can be used by both small and large places, such as clubs, nightclubs, bars, cafes, pubs, stadiums, and many other places where you need a paperless registration of your guests.

Guests can register via a screen, e.g. via their phone number, or simply get their e.g. health insurance card scanned, or a QR code scanned, by the staff. Simple, fast and easy. The system is an online system that runs in the cloud, so there is no maintenance, or server, or anything else that needs to be maintained. The system offers many different options in the VISIT club system, such as:

View log files.

See various historians.

See how many are inside the building, in terms of security.

See various statistics.

See local quarantine history.

See age statistics.

Make different club rewards for the guests.

Notify guests via system.

And many other possibilities. The VISIT club system can be adapted to meet your needs. And if you want something more specific, this is also possible. There are almost no restrictions.

So please contact us if you would like to hear more about a VISIT club system.

Shift schedule and employee registration.

There is also the option of having your employees created in the employee system. So you also have a history of your employees’ working times, calendar, shifts etc. See how many hours an employee has been at work in the current week, month. And at the same time see the calendar or shift schedule in the system, so that you can keep an eye on which employee is on duty, or which days you need the shifts to be taken. Who has taken the shifts, and much more. Employees also have the option of “booking” their own shifts, either true a PC or true their own mobile phone via our mobile App. (Support both IOS and Android).