IPad Frames and Brackets

IPad Frames and Brackets

iPad Security Frames, Brackets and floor stands

iPad Universal table holder and Security Frame with lock. 

If one of our guest or registration systems is used with an iPad, there is an optional holder or security frame for the iPad.

Black iPad Security Frame, with Click Lock/Key 10.2"-10.5" Metal

Apple iPad Security A-Frame 10.2"-10.5"

Tablet dimensions 250,6 x 174,1 x 6,1

Item Black, with lock / key: SPAF7000-02

Bracket for iPad Security Frame

Bracket and floor stand required for iPad security frame

Optional fittings to suit your solution. Fits together with Security frame with lock.

Black Small bracket, Fixed, for Disk / Wall

Item Black: VISI001-02

Black Flat bracket, for Wall

Item Black: SPM116-02

Black Flat bracket, for Disk Free standing (Use together with VISI001-02)

Item Black: SPM144-02

Black Floor Standing, Fixed

Item Black: SPM119-02

Example, on safety frame with brackets

iPad Wall / Disk Solution
iPad Wall Solution
iPad Free Disk Solution
iPad Floor Solution